6 Traits Writing

Word Choice


Good writers choose their words carefully in order to get their ideas across. 

When you write, choose just the right words and use them correctly.  Make them fun and interesting so they help your readers "see" what you are talking about.  Try not to use the same words over and over again.  If you don't choose your words carefully, your reader may not understand what you're trying to say.

Lesson 1:  Use Action Words

Choosing the words we use in our writing is a very important step.  We want our readers to understand our writing.  Our sentences have parts, just like our stories do. 

Every sentence has an action word. 
An action is something that is happening.  Action words can make our writing exciting.  Action words tell what people or things do.

A dog can dig.  I can jump.  Leaves can fall.

Dig, jump, and fall are action words.  They tell us what is happening.

This is a really cool website where people read stories to you.  Check it out.  Just sit back and listen.


Here is a fun activity for a rainy day or something to do after school!  Get Active

Ask someone to read a picture book to you.  As you listen, write down all of the action words that you hear.  Bring your list of words to class with you.

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Sentence Fluency