6 Traits Writing



When you write, your personality, or who you are, should shine through.

You want your writing to sound like you, and no one else!  When you write, you show who you are through words.  No matter what type of writing you do, always make sure it sounds like you.  Otherwise, your reader may not care about what you have to say.  In fact, your reader may not even know who wrote it!

Lesson 1:  Tell How You Feel

You might think voice means the sound that you make when you speak.  When we write, our words have a voice.  Our writing voice tells how we feel.

            Match each voice to a sentence.

              bored    proud    fun    sorry

Let's have a party!
I will not do that again.
We won the game!
I'm tired of this book.

Could you figure it out?  Did you hear the voice?  Reading with expression helps us hear the voice in our writing.  Answers: fun, sorry, proud, bored.


Think about a time when you were proud.  Write a sentence or two about it.  You may post to the Dawg Blog or share it with us in class.

The time has come for Chapter Six: