6 Traits Writing



Good writers follow all the rules, or conventions, of writing, so their readers can easily read and understand the writing.

Using correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation when you write is important.  When you don't follow the rules, your reader can become lost or confused.  He or she may not know where one idea starts and another begins.

Lesson 1:  Capitalizing Sentences

A sentence ALWAYS begins with a capital letter, no matter what!  Names of people also need a capital letter.  Use a capital I to tell about yourself.

Proofread these sentences:

henry likes icecream.
i love smelling flowers.
the bear took a nap.

What are all of the sentences missing?

A Capital Letter at the beginning of the sentence!

Write a story, using your spelling words.  Circle the capital letter at the beginning of each sentence.  Bring your story to class.

Congratulations...you made it through Lesson 1. 
Now it's time for Lesson 2.