6 Traits Writing



Good writing starts with good ideas. 

A good idea is clear, interesting, and original.  It makes the reader say, "Wow!"  or "I never would have thought of that!"  Without good ideas, your writing would not have much of a point.  Your reader would be bored!

Lesson 1:  Choose a Topic

I believe that you have wonderful stories to tell and that YOU can be an author.  The first step in writing is to find a topic.  A topic is what something is about. 

Sometimes, I will provide a topic to write about and other times, you will get to choose the topic.  Writing about what you know, can make it easier and even more exciting! 

On the first page in your journal, brainstorm a list of topics that you know about.  Write down as many topics as you can.  What do you like to do?  What sports do you play?  Where have you gone on vacation?  Do you have a collection?  The more topics you jot down, the more choices you will have when it is time to write.

Visit the wordle website to create a word cloud for your topics. 
Please print out two copies and bring them with you to class.

Are you ready for the next chapter?  Chapter Two: Organization