6 Traits Writing



Good writing is organized in a way that helps the reader understand the information and follow what the writer is saying.

The organization of your writing is what holds everything together.  It puts your ideas in an order that makes sense, and it gives your writing a strong beginning, middle, and end.  When your writing is not organized, your reader can grow confused and lose interest.

Lesson 1:  Beginning, Middle, and End

A story is organized into three parts. The beginning is where the story starts The middle of the story comes next and the end of the story is the last part. 

Think about a peanut butter sandwich.  The top piece of bread is the beginning, the peanut butter is the middle part, and the bottom piece of bread is the end.
  Read this story and see if you can figure out what is the beginning, middle and end.

                                     The Kitten
Jill wanted a kitten.  She walked to the pet store. 
Jill picked out a kitten. 

What happened at the beginning?
What happend in the middle of the story?
How did the story end?

Write a short story, using colored pencils.  Write the beginning in Red, the middle in Green, and the end in Blue.

Are you ready to move on?  Chapter Three:
Word Choice