6 Traits Writing

Sentence Fluency


Good writers make their writing flow by using different kinds of sentences.

You want your writing to be easy to read and follow.  It should flow so smoothly and sound so interesting that people want to read it aloud!  When your sentences don't flow, your writing sounds choppy and flat.  Your reader would not want to read it aloud.

Lesson 1:  Write a Sentence

A sentence is a complete thought or idea.  Sentences need to make sense to our readers.  They are fun to read!  Sentences that are missing parts don't make any sense.  They are not fun to read and make us confused.

Which of these sentences are complete?

Walks to school.
Ben walks to school.
Terry always.
Terry always rides the bus.

Remember: Our sentences MUST be complete AND make sense!

These are the complete sentences:

Ben walks to school. Terry always rides the bus.

Write 3 sentences that are fun to read. 
Here is an example: The lizards were leaping.
Post your best sentence to the Dawg Blog.

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